“The guys can harmonize like the Beach Boys on acid ... They sound like the psychedelic ’60s, the indie ’80s, and the electro-pop boom of the aughts. If you like, well, rock ’n’ roll, you’ll like Sun Parade.” – Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

“Sun Parade have a time-tripping, atmospheric sound of their own on songs like, “Steal My Thunder,” from the band’s 2018 album, “Shuggy Mtn Breakdown,” the band displays a ’70s musicality with vocals tiptoeing into the ’80s and an audio layer of mid-’90s grunge. On their new single, the coming-of-age tale, “Young Adult,” Sun Parade deploy Bowie-esque lyrics and harmonies reminiscent of The Turtles: “... hanging around in the outer space/ it’s looking up, you’re in tip top shape/ You’re a young adult, a big American baby/ You don’t like the things you don’t understand.” As an expression of youthful angst and a dig at American exceptionalism, “Young Adult” is timeless.

 - Freddie Zandt / PureHoney Magazine

“Shuggy Mtn Breakdown is a kaleidoscopic vision quest through idyllic and intrinsic melodies that feels like the final breaths of warm summer air.” - Joel Funk, Substream Magazine

"A hook line and sinker winner of ragged mischief and melody. Like Dr. Dog, Delta Spirit and Islands, Sun Parade offers a candid approach to music that makes them endearing." - Glide Magazine


"Crafting the kinds of traditional guitar-pop songs that people might still be singing 50 years down the road..." 

- National Public Radio, Songs We Love